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Commentaires des étudiants pour HZ University of Applied Sciences

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Ernesto P.
In the HZ i’ve had the opportunity to discover and develop my strenghts in the business world. Throughout my first 2 years, all of my teachers were extremely responsive to all of our questions, and our classrooms where almost never bigger than 27 students, which allowed for the classes to be much more interactive. Now i’m in my internship seme...
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Débo D.
Becoming an HZ student was the best decision I made to continue my studies. Already graduated in France in Water management, I wanted to follow courses in water ecology in an international environment to reach my dream career goal: working on marine ecology and biology. I am currently doing a two-years fast-track program. My first year focus...
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In my final years at high school I knew I wanted to study a speciality related to the natural sciences. Searching the Internet for international universities, I came across the 4-year Bachelor in Water Management at HZ University of Applied Sciences. Important in my decision was the fact that, as we all know, the Netherlands is said to be the be...
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i am chinese who are studying IBMS at HZ. i enjoy study and live there; In shcool, the teacher is nice and kind as well as other staff. besides the setting of courses and class is very human-oriented. after school, i enjoy walking on the beach and drank something at cafe. it is vey fantastic to study in such a beautifull city.
wendy keza
HZ makes you realize that; “When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place. IBMS is an excellent programme that opens your world immensely after successful completion!
Vincent Oloo
I could write a book about my experience with HZ, but the best way for anyone to know about HZ is to be part of it. I still do not regret being part of HZ. HZ turns expectations to unexpected reality.
Satjit Singh Garcha
I am satjit Singh from India. I chose HZ University of Applied Sciences because during my interview I felt that the overview of the Bachelor programme was perfect for wetting my appetite: for the professional field that I have a great interest in. Also, HZ’s timetable is interesting and varied and after your graduation there are many interesting...
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Dan Zhu
I am a 4th year IBMS student at HZ University of Applied Science, One of advantage of IBMS is small group, we have many nationalities, I am from China, but i have friends are from all of the world, like German, Canada, Spain and France, India, Poland... because of small group we know each other very well. Also we have a lot of opportunities to ...
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Studying at HZ was truly an amazing experience, I met a lot of new people with whom I forged long lasting relationships. In addition I did a minor in Consultancy Skills, whcich was a very good course. Being from North America and having european credentials will definately position me competetively in today's market place. Overall, very good exp...
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Is one of the best experiences I had. It was definitely a good decision to go to HZ. I have too many friends around the world and the school is very pleasant and the subjects were real issues and examples.

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