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Patrick Gettleman, Global Procurement Manager, ...   |   29/11/2017
Getting an MBA has been on my mind for the past 10 years. I have always viewed the world as 'the more education you have then more opportunities that are available'. The advancement in online learning helped open up the door for me to accomplish my long held goal of getting an MBA. The online courses have advanced greatly in both their curricul...
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Roberto Lionti, current Online MSc Internationa...   |   29/11/2017
I chose to study the Online MSc International Business because I was eager to get out there and earn practical work experience. An online degree was the perfect way to make the most of my time, because it allowed me to work while studying, and most importantly study when I wanted to - a distinct advantage over weekend/after-work university cours...
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Claudia Ceragioli, EBS Video   |   29/08/2017
I fell in love with Berlin because it’s so multicultural, stylish and active. The city has a unique atmosphere thanks to the incredible mix of people and its history. A big part of the city’s buzz is due to the nightlife which is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced!

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